Foyer Room



Entryways are where you can showcase your beautiful decor and items. They have a high level of importance in creating the first impression of your home. A foyer should be warm and welcoming to sweep visitors off their feet with your decor. If the foyer has a modern design, it should be clear about what the space is for and use it effectively.

Many Foyer Design Ideas to choose from choose from

A Pleasant Space Saving Foyer

The use of textured wallpaper and light colours help to create a calm and serene ambiance for your home. Multiple drawers and pendant lights can also be used to provide more space for storage.

A Painting Showcase Foyer

Wall decoration can come from beautiful paintings, which lend an artistic look to your foyer area. The laminate on the cabinets cuts the monotony of the walls. The stylish pendants blend with the varied styles. And keeping ample storage space for your shoes, socks and other essentials makes the space functional and unique. Adding some candles or fresh flowers provides for natural elements in your foyer.

Wainscoting Wall Foyer​

If you’re looking for a vintage, elegant interior, then consider using a wainscoting wall. They are decorative and finished-looking and it’s easy to decorate your space with an ornate mirror and some lamps to make your entryway look luxurious.

Brick Cladding Wall Foyer

A modern foyer design is especially popular with young urban couples these days. White bricks and a small wooden table help make the space simple but attractive. Storage on the walls keep things organized without taking up too much floor space.

LED Mirror Lit Foyer

A mirror and LED strip lighting are used to make the foyer area look spacious. The gold-plated decorations give off a warm and welcoming vibe while accentuating the modern design of the entryway.

Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll make your personal style shine.

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