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Discover a wide range of handpicked, luxurious house interior designs and décor ideas at Iconsintex. We bring you luxurious house interior designs that are customizable, practical and trendy. Beginning, everything starts in our homes. One can feel the vibe of one’s home from a faraway distance. And as one starts coming close, the feeling of warmth, comfort, and delight starts to engulf you in a world like no other. This is our approach toward every home we design… Read More



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Modular Works from Iconsintex is a Perfect for those who want to have complete control over their space adaptability with a unique personal style with the various luxurious house interior designs. 

Living Room



luxurious house interior designs

Thoughtfully selected various luxurious house interior designs that inspire and bring good energy to you and your luxuriously designed home. 

Living Room

Kids Room


Pooja Room



Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll make your personal style shine.

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Backed by our 13+ years of luxurious house interior designing expertise.

luxurious house interior designs- Iconsintex

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With the luxurious house interior designs as a theme which is unique, as the family is the starting point when it comes to making the most of

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Reinvent the way you live in the city with luxurious house interior designs. We know how important your apartment space is to you, which is why we take the time to get to know you and focus on what your dreams are

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Stylish and Inviting luxurious interior designs that set the tone for the dining experience and leave your customers wanting to come.

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From the overall luxurious interior design theme and atmosphere to specific details like furniture and lighting, with careful planning and execution, we.

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Our goal as office interior designers for office spaces is to create a luxurious interior designs which is more productive and comfortable working environment that.

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Hostels can be luxurious, but most often seen as basic, utilitarian places to stay – but they can be so much more than.

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The right hospital architecture design can help create a
calm and inviting atmosphere for patients and their families with luxurious feel. while.


View the most recent luxurious house interior designs works.

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luxurious house interior designs - Iconsintex
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luxurious house interior designs - Iconsintex

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The process is creative and fun. I loved making ideas a reality with a much needed professionals eye. Thank you!

Raja Gopal

Icons Intex has an amazing gift for design, both beautiful and practical! It didn't take long to make my space more open, warm and inviting by making just.

Sharmila Shaik

icons Intex was absolutely amazing! My wife and I built a new home and had no idea where to start with design and decor. Icons Intex came swooping in and helped.


Very well organized work and best interior company in Hyderabad, My house interiors are well designed, thank you so much Icons Intex

Diwakar Ponsikka

Working with the Icons Intex team was wonderful! Our company was hired to receive, inspect, deliver, and set up several rooms of furniture.

Sujatha Gadde